WhatsBooster IS NOW FREE!

WhatsApp Web has never been so powerful and customizable.

Elevate Your WhatsApp Web Experience!

WhatsApp Web has never been so powerful and customizable.

Discover WhatsBooster, the Google Chrome extension that brings a multitude of incredible features to your WhatsApp Web. Transform your WhatsApp experience into something extraordinary. Here's what WhatsBooster can do for you:

🔒 Enhanced Security

Automatic Lock: Your WhatsApp Web automatically locks after a period of inactivity, ensuring your privacy.

Privacy Filters: Add blur to images, contact names, and conversations to keep your privacy intact.

🗂️ Efficient Contact Management

Contact Export: Easily export all your contacts by groups and in the formats of your choice.

Start New Conversations:Initiate a conversation with any new phone number with a click.

📚 Template Library

Create and store message templates for future use, speeding up your communication and ensuring consistency.

🖥️ Enhanced Viewing Experience

Full Screen Mode: Expand WhatsApp Web to full screen on larger monitors for a better viewing experience.

Quick access to contact information: Automatically activate a contact information guide for quick and easy acces

Add notes to contact information: Add relevant information to an area of the contact tab.

🗓️ Easily Schedule Bulk Message Blasts!

With WhatsBooster, sending bulk messages has never been so simple and effective. Our scheduling feature allows you to plan your message blasts in advance, ensuring that your communication is delivered at the right moment, every time. It's very easy to use:

Paste the Phone Numbers: Simply paste the list of recipient phone numbers into the provided field.

Set the Date and Time: Choose the date and time you want your messages to be sent.

Type Your Message: Write the message you want to send.

Voila! WhatsBooster will take care of the rest, reliably sending your messages at the scheduled time. Now you can focus on what's most important while keeping your communication with customers and contacts always up to date. Scheduling bulk message blasts is just one more way that WhatsBooster is here to empower your experience on WhatsApp Web.

🛠️ More Features On The Way!

We are constantly working to introduce new features and further enhance your WhatsApp Web experience.

Easy to Use, Easy to Love!

WhatsBooster is simple to set up and intuitive to use. You'll wonder how you managed without it. Get the most out of your WhatsApp Web with WhatsBooster.